CAREER NEWS: György Szabó strengthens eNET’s outstanding professional team

From July, the top manager supports the operation of a Hungarian, 20-years-old consulting company in Budapest. The focus of his managerial responsibilities is taking eNET’s services to the international market.

12. 08. 2022.

György Szabó, who was previously the CEO of Sanoma Media Budapest for more than two decades, continues his tremendous managing activity in the field of eNET's international services. In July, György joined our company to help the firm dealing with information technology projects. Our company’s main activities include data-mining, analysis and consulting, research and development, market research, software technology development, as well as project- and tender management in many areas of the economy.

"For me, eNET is all about professionalism and proficiency. I value active participation in domestic business life and life-long learning, so from now on, I will assist the company's development with my experiences and perspective on the international territory as a former CEO" - said György Szabó.

The expert, who was born in Debrecen, is an engineer, considering his original education. In the meantime, he also obtained a degree in foreign trade at the University of Economics. Previously, he worked for several international organizations, traveled the World "from Chile to China", gaining a lot of experience of different cultures.

From 1992, he served as the CEO of Sanoma Media Budapest Zrt for 22 years: during this time, he developed the 45-person firm into a media company with 600 employees and a turnover of HUF 26 billion. At Sanoma, he worked closely with the Dutch and Finnish owners, as well as German, French, American, and Russian business partners.

Since 2004, he has been engaged in business consulting and preparation of business and financial plans in his own company, while he was the chairman of the National Association of Managers for three years, and the Hungarian Newspaper Publishers Association for four years. Currently, he teaches the subject “Methodology of Information at the Social Level” to senior professionals working in the health sector who participate in postgraduate training at the University of Sopron.

The eNET “Timetable Planning Project” is on an international journey

One of György's most important tasks is to help the Hungarian company enter the international arena with the eNET “Timetable Planning” product – it is an IT system, that supports - for example - the educational organization tasks of public education institutions.

It works adaptively and can be connected to several systems, helping with online administration. Business processes can be accomplished electronically, with outstanding efficiency, and all relevant participants and partners of the given organization are actively reached and involved in the processes.