Workable, truly usable solutions = value creation. Our managers with outstanding project experience and outstanding expertise are providers of end-to-end solutions. In addition to our continuous and conscious development, we pay attention not only to customer needs in the narrow sense, but also to the operational and organizational environment, related projects and organizations, funding and sustainability, regulatory and human resource background. The management of tens of billions of projects with outstanding value is part of our everyday life.


Our strategic and IT consulting team is involved in project management, process and product quality assurance, leadership/management and strategic consulting, organization and process management consulting, infocommunication consulting, energy consulting, business analysis and systems organization, and capital raising consulting.


In the development of comprehensive solutions delivered by eNET, the consulting business unit performs strategic-level concept creation, management and planning of diverse projects, implementation, documentation, and day-to-day commissioning tasks.

Due to the nature of the tasks, we are present in almost all eNET projects, ensuring integration and collaboration between different disciplines, and adding real value to the project using our experience and consulting methodologies.


Our main profile is consulting and project management in the field of telecommunications, mainly in wired data transmission infrastructure development projects. Along these lines, in recent years we have been dealing already with drone technology consulting as well.

Our experience in tendering and accounting support – primarily in the areas of IT R&D and telecommunications infrastructure development – are seen as outstanding in the market.

Our comprehensive venture capital raising service connects businesses and capital investors.


In our organizational development and IT system design processes we use ARIS software for process modelling. ARIS not only allows visualization of the process, but also deeper data-centric analysis. Logical relationships and descriptions of customer business needs are provided to developers using the BPMN 2.0 methodology.


  • In administrative infocommunication projects, project management, implementation and quality assurance
  • At the strategic and management level of wired telecommunications infrastructure development
  • In tender writing and grant settlement services in the field of fixed telecommunications infrastructure development


We work with a professional team of more than 25 senior consultants. Our staff work according to the international project management guidelines, with ISO certifications. Several of our project managers have IPMA certifications.


  • telecommunications and IT strategy development and consulting
  • strategic and corporate, financial, capital investment consulting
  • administrative and IT strategy making
  • drone technology consulting
  • energy consulting
  • project development and project management consulting (R&D projects)
  • process and product quality assurance
  • process management and administrative consultancy
  • consulting in the digital transformation of organizations
  • leadership and management consulting (leadership development)
  • organizational structure and process optimization
  • management of organizational development tender projects (e.g. GINOP, H2020, etc.)
  • creating skills development programs
  • developing employee appraisal systems


Artificial intelligence in public administration: dangers, challenges and responsibility

07. 05. 2024.

The application of artificial intelligence in public administration presents numerous challenges, including reliability, transparency, and changes in the labour market. It is a complex and sensitive area, yet it is a fact that its use can create new opportunities. –

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Project management principles in the corporate environment

24. 04. 2024.

In the modern business environment, project management is an essential tool for successful corporate governance. Project management is not just about managing a company’s projects; it involves a complex process that includes planning, execution, and monitoring to efficiently and effectively

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Focusing on digital strategy

17. 04. 2024.

Digitalization is now as essential as morning coffee – it’s indispensable. It’s not just a trendy term; it’s a fundamental necessity in today’s rapidly changing business environment. There’s increased interest in technological advancements, replacing traditional pen-and-paper recording and storage with

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Tender management

Preparation of tenders and administrative project management.

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