eNET is an analysing, consulting and developer company of the ICT sector. We work on digitization-related projects in almost every sector of the national economy (except mining and quarrying). We are characterized by a desire to innovate – from the very beginning since we were founded in 2001 – and we are committed to believe that economic processes can be improved with digital solutions. We have our faith in project-based work and we are assured that great value can only be created with persistence and humility.


eNET currently owned by three Hungarian partners who are still actively involved in the company’s life and operations.


We are proud of many of our projects (without claiming completeness):


  • Telco: The enabling of 3G was done with us in Hungary, now the deployment of 5G is one of our main focuses.
  • Satellite image processing: We have developed and launched the most universal satellite image processing software in Hungary.
  • Plaza monitoring: We measure and analyse the number of visitors of one of the largest shopping malls in Budapest.
  • Data-based process development: We help in the production optimization of one of the most important Hungarian pharmaceutical companies.
  • Solar Power Plant Scheduling: We monitor and forecast the production of hundreds of solar power plants.
  • IT survey: In the framework of a comprehensive digital labor market survey, we examined the situation of Hungarian IT professional training.
  • E-sports: We have been conducting a video game and e-sports research series in Hungary since 2016, thus we have unique knowledge in the field.
  • Drone: We are committed to and a key player in the establishment of the Hungarian drone industry.


For quality work, we possess an ISO 9001 quality management system certificate, an ISO 27001 information security management system certificate and an ISO 14001 environment-focused system certificate.


In addition, eNET has a ‘Site Security Certificate’ (TBT) issued by the National Security Authority of the National Security Service. All this means that an economic entity with a TBT is entitled – in possession of a license and System License to handle classified data at an appropriate level – to handle “Confidential!” or higher rating level data at its registered headquarter, site and branch.


“We create to innovate”

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