Artificial Intelligence, abbreviated as AI, encompasses technologies in the field of computer science that enable machines to imitate human behaviour based on pre-learned data. Their operation is based on “learning” large amounts of data, identifying patterns that allow them to make predictions and solve problems.

Among the benefits of using Artificial Intelligence are tasks automation, efficient data analysis, freeing up human resources for handling more complex issues, and faster, well-founded decision-making.

One subtype of this innovative technology is Generative Artificial Intelligence, which is currently one of the most dynamically evolving branches in the IT world. It can be used for various purposes daily, ranging from information gathering to the creation of documents, images, and even videos. Due to its versatility, it can be applied in almost any field, including healthcare, commerce, manufacturing, finance, construction, and the media industry.

Optimaze Consulting Kft., a company 100% owned by eNET Hungary, assists its clients in digital transformation through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Generative Artificial Intelligence services. They provide comprehensive solutions for optimizing business processes and increasing organizational efficiency.

What are the advantages of applying AI?



AI systems can efficiently process and analyse large amounts of data, aiding organizations in discovering trends, patterns, and correlations to make strategic decisions.




Artificial Intelligence can solve complex problems and propose new approaches in areas where traditional methods or human capacities may be limited.




The rapid processing of large data sets allows organizations to reduce the time spent on decision preparation and respond almost instantly to current situations.




AI systems can reliably make predictions and create estimates. This is applicable, for example, in business analytics or even meteorological models, assisting in strategic planning and resource management.




The technology enables the creation of personalized experiences in online content, purchases, or services, improving user satisfaction and increasing customer loyalty.




It can be applied in various sectors, such as healthcare (diagnoses, therapeutic recommendations), the financial sector (fraud protection, risk management), the automotive industry (autonomous vehicles), and education.




Generative models can help create new and creative content, allowing creators to draw inspiration from AI-generated ideas.

Generative Artificial Intelligence

Generative Artificial Intelligence systems learn the structure and rules of information, applying this knowledge to generate new and previously unseen content, such as texts or images. Simulating human thinking processes, this advanced approach allows machines to generate practical content, plans, and solutions.

As a flagship, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has the ability to redefine the entire operational model of organizations. Its advantages include more efficient and faster problem-solving, exploring new dimensions of creativity and planning, as well as cost and time savings compared to traditional methods.

Optimaze Consulting’s Generative AI solutions are supported by Microsoft and OpenAI. Their expert team consists of highly trained consultants, business analysts, and developers with numerous certifications.

With their assistance, clients can apply the technology in various fields:



Automated and customized content generation, SEO optimization.



Creation of complex and optimized models to facilitate manufacturing processes.



Development of medicines and treatments. 



Generation of personalized learning materials and courses, smart chatbots.



Procedural content generation for diverse and unique gaming experiences.



Automatic creation of visual effects and montages.

Generative Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation

The combined application of these two solutions is an extremely powerful alloy for advancing digital transformation in companies. AI aids in simulating thinking processes, while RPA’s capabilities enable the automation of repetitive and routine tasks, offering an efficient solution to overcome business challenges.

The synergy of these two technologies can be applied in various areas with the assistance of Optimaze Consulting:



Prediction of customer needs, generation of responses by AI, and handling and conveying data to various systems through software robots.



Conveying data from various systems and interfaces to AI through RPA, followed by text analysis, predictions, and report generation by AI.



Press monitoring, where RPA bots collect real-time news, and AI interprets, summarizes, and makes suggestions.

Generative AI training

Our subsidiary, Optimaze Consulting, is committed to assisting its clients in leveraging the benefits provided by ChatGPT and other AI-based tools. Whether it’s in marketing, finance, healthcare, service providers, or other industries, the application of AI can offer significant support in almost every area.

The goal of their educational services is to help clients recognize the opportunities inherent in artificial intelligence and acquire the proper integration of various solutions into their daily tasks.

Our unique solutions


The Generative Artificial Intelligence-based WIKI assistant is a centralized knowledge repository accessible through any device for colleagues with the appropriate permissions. Colleagues can ask questions on specific topics, and the assistant responds based on pre-trained knowledge.

Quick access to information

Information from various documents, even in different locations, becomes quickly and easily accessible to colleagues. There is no need to browse through extensive documents for specific information, and the smart assistant handles this, providing employees with current and relevant answers.

Accuracy and precision

The internal smart assistant continuously updates its knowledge base following specified rules, providing answers to employees’ questions based on the most recent information. It immediately sends the generated response and indexes the used file as a source, ensuring the accuracy of the received answer.

Time savings

Significant time and energy savings for all colleagues by eliminating the manual search for documents. A notable benefit is also seen for new employees who usually require assistance from a senior colleague in the initial period. The WIKI takes on this supportive role, answering questions from new colleagues, allowing senior colleagues to save time.

The WIKI aims to centrally and easily provide corporate knowledge, information, and resources to employees, promoting information sharing and efficient work.


Developed by Optimaze Consulting, this Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence-based assistant can monitor specified domestic and foreign news websites, blogs, competitor websites, and other relevant online platforms.

The solution, using software robots, gathers relevant content for the client at any frequency. The GPT translates and summarizes this content, sending it to the configured email addresses. This ensures reliable, up-to-date information is always available, supporting work, keeping professionals informed, and saving time.

Key benefits:

  • increases efficiency
  • enables continuous monitoring of competitors
  • reduces time spent on information gathering and decision preparation

The monitored topics and platforms can be flexibly expanded, tailored to the needs of any professional field. This intelligent solution can interpret and translate content in 175 languages, including Hungarian.

Why Optimaze?

Optimaze Consulting, a company 100% owned by eNET Hungary, is a partner of UiPath, a leading software manufacturer in the RPA market. They oversee the entire lifecycle of business process automation, from exploring possibilities to operation. Their software robotic solutions enhance their clients’ organizational efficiency, save time and money, reduce error rates, and increase satisfaction for both employees and customers. Regardless of the size and scope of organizations, they offer tailored IT systems for specific problem-solving in every process.


Sándor Salamon

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