eNET has extensive research, data mining, and data analysis experience across various segments of the economy and government. Using innovative tools and methods, we assist our clients in drawing appropriate conclusions from their data and support the making of strategic and operational decisions. With our expert team, we provide data-driven solutions that help clients establish more efficient processes, identify trends, and achieve targeted market positioning. Based on valuable information derived from data, we create studies tailored to client needs, make specific business proposals, thus contributing to improving their operational efficiency.

We offer services in the following areas:

Database management

  • Discovery of correlations between data
  • Data structuring, data cleaning
  • Database building, data transformation
  • Robust information extraction


  • Development of predictive models (AI & ML)
  • Process assessment, process optimization
  • Efficiency-enhancing and optimizing developments
  • Algorithms supporting planning and organization (ANN)

Decision support

  • Data-based decision support, strategic planning
  • Robust and real-time data processing
  • Establishment and automation of data collection processes
  • Automated report generation

Data visualization

  • Building BI and dashboards
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) visualization
  • Spatial process analysis
  • Network visualization

Market research

  • Target group research, competitor analysis
  • Representative quantitative research, scenario analysis
  • Statistical analyses, trend, and seasonality analysis
  • Qualitative research