Supporting the R&D&I activities of companies in the framework of a combined loan product


Name of the beneficiary: eNET Hungary Ltd.


Project identification number: GINOP-2.1.2-8-1-4-16-2017-00074


Project title: Development of a sensor system supporting damage analysis and a decision support system for field profiling and process analysis based on remote sensing, microclimatic and soil data


Physical completion of the project: 30 November 2020


In the framework of the project, we developed a system that combines the advantages of multispectral satellite image analysis and local, on-site sensory data collection, capable of receiving and analysing large amounts of geoinformatics and environmental data. The protocol for performing the analyses has been developed on the basis of strict agricultural professional criteria, the results are delivered to the user through a transparent interface with a visualization that facilitates the understanding of the information. The collection of data is assisted by probes and satellites, which can be used to collect detailed information about the condition of the production area and the weather, which greatly aids decision-making in agricultural processes.


As a result of the process, a profile of the production area is developed, which describes the characteristics of the production area with sufficient professional accuracy. It can be used to get to know the condition of the soil, to monitor the development of crops and to map out possible damage. Farmers can compare the extracted data with the data and research results available in the literature, which enables them to select the seed, input material and agrotechnics that make the most of the potential of their field, and to continue area-specific farming.


In the project, a sensor suitable for detecting hail and measuring its characteristics was also developed. This will allow farmers to learn about the damage caused by the hail, as crop estimation and knowledge of damage events is an important feature for farmers.


The amount of the contracted support: HUF 340.82 MILLION


Aid intensity or amount: 55%


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