What the Internet gives us for Christmas

2016. 12. 01.

Christmas is now inconceivable without the Internet: online services not only help preparing for the festivities and organising family visits, but also allow us to purchase presents. This year, two million Hungarians are expected to buy Christmas presents (and other goods) online, and there will be plenty of net-connected devices under the tree. These are the conclusions of eNET – Telekom’s latest “Report on the Internet Economy”, focusing on the role of the Internet in preparations for Christmas.

Preparing for Christmas online 

According to eNET’s online research conducted in November 2016, more than two thirds of adult Hungarian Internet users consider Christmas as the most important celebration of the year. Net users do not put off Christmas preparations until the last days: most (78%) start them several weeks earlier – and the Internet, of course, plays a major role.

The world-wide web seems most helpful in identifying presents (69%) and purchasing them (65%); these are followed by sending Christmas greetings (55%), finding festive recipes (53%) and organising meetings and visits (40%).The Internet’s role in planning travel routes to relatives (32%) and finding festive programs (29%) is not negligible, and an increasing number of people read reviews (26%) and watch videos (22%) on unboxing and testing products.

We should not be surprised to find plenty of Internet-ready devices  under the Christmas tree this year: 14% of Hungarian adult Internet users are planning to buy a smartphone as a present for their loved ones, while 10% are looking to purchase a laptop, 7% a desktop computer, 6% a tablet, and 4% a smart watch.

Christmas boosts online orders again 

E-commerce is expected to soar this Christmas season again. More than half of all Hungarian Internet users plan to get their present-related activities done online – for 72% of them (nearly 2 million people) these include the Christmas shopping itself. Besides shopping, seven out of ten respondents plan to use the Internet for choosing among products, comparing prices, and obtaining information; 54% are looking to browse shop catalogues, and 37% are likely to be reading about product tests and user reviews.Slowly but surely everyone is giving in to online shopping: before Christmas, even people not normally engaging in it visit web shops to gather ideas for presents, or to find the lowest prices – and there is a great chance that they become customers if the best offer is only available online.

The Internet makes everything easier

As in other times of the year, we just can’t do without the Internet at Christmas. In fact, we especially need it around this time: it makes festive preparations, family visits and organising tasks easier, and gives us the opportunity to order the most adequate Christmas presents from anywhere in the world without queueing.

eNET – Telekom