Tender management

Providing support in business and subsidy tenders in the areas of business development, telecommunications, research and development as well as information technology is one of our primary activities. Specifically, we offer the following two services:

  • Bid compilation: based on your project idea, eNET compiles the documents to be submitted in the tender (e.g. implementation schedule, cost budget, bidding forms), and helps comprehensively manage the related technical and administrative tasks.
  • Administrative tender project management: if you win a tender, we undertake to carry out all related administrative tasks (contract amendments, project progress / maintenance and other reports, public procurements, measurement of indicators, monitoring reports etc.)

Our tender-related services are useful to organisations that have no internal tender monitoring and administration staff or experience, so they cannot devote the required resources and competences to finding suitable tenders, writing bids, efficiently managing a multitude of projects, and carrying out the required paperwork.

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