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Hungarian Internet users: robot technology, renewable energy and electronic vehicles are the hottest trends

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Continuing technological development renders people’s daily routines ever easier. But what changes will it bring in our lives? As many as 82% of Internet users are concerned by such questions. The respondents expect the spread of machines that substitute humans, renewable energy, and electric vehicles in the next 30 years while most of them do not think that we will…

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5G: seven out of ten Internet users keep an open mind in Hungary

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The next few years will see the world go through some major changes as the era of 5G technology approaches. The question is: how will that affect us, users? Fifth generation mobile networks will open up new horizons, and intelligent traffic management systems, smart cities and telemedicine will undoubtedly make our lives easier. 80% of adult Hungarian Internet users are…

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Music to my smartphoned ears

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98% of adult Hungarian Internet users listen to music at least once a month. To almost two thirds of them, music is amongst the 10 most important things in life. So it is no coincidence that the proliferation of smartphones and music streaming services has been favourably received: they not only allow us to take selected tracks with ourselves but…

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Dawn of a new age in television watching habits

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The development of the Internet and the proliferation of smart devices open a new era of television, too, starting a revolution and changing our perception of watching TV. Hungarians have also started to consume content on several screens simultaneously, and high-definition content is becoming available to more and more people. The topic of eNET – Telekom’s latest “Report on the…

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