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Hungarian market of online daily deals grew to HUF 16.5 bln

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The aggregate turnover of online daily deals grew to about HUF 16.5 billion last year in Hungary. This market segment, which is now far from negligible, includes general bonus / coupon sites, discount accommodation providers, as well as online shopping clubs. The question is whether the market can continue to expand in 2015, and whether further consolidation can be expected. 

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Online e-commerce boom in Hungary – HUF 266 billion retail turnover expected for 2014

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Hungarian e-tailers have no reason to complain: as in previous years, the online retail trade volume increased considerably in 2014. The total volume should reach HUF 266 billion (~ € 850 million) by the end of 2014, ushering in a period of steeper growth. According to eNET’s first mid-term forecast, experts are optimistic, projecting a fast-growth scenario for 2014 and…

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Own it or enjoy it? Sharing economy 2.0 in Hungary

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Broadband Internet has extended our opportunities to share goods with others or borrow items that we need to use but do not have to own. Now we have well-organised businesses that match supply with demand. The most widely known forms of this sharing economy are accommodation and car sharing solutions, but the possibilities are unlimited. Followers of the lifestyle based…

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Almost 3.5 million e-buyers

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In Hungary, the number of people buying goods online reached 3.4 million in 2014. This number equals 72% of regular adult internet users. It is primarily information technology devices, books, toys / gifts, and clothes that are thrown into virtual baskets. Most people still use desktop computers for online purchases, but some now shop with their mobile phones and tablets…

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Hungary’s online retail trade exceeds expectations

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Hungary’s online retail webshops generated a HUF 217 billion turnover last year, which equals 3.1% of the total Hungarian retail trade volume. The number of transactions effected with mobile phones and tablets is growing, and Hungarians still prefer to collect the ordered goods personally, eNET’s retail e-commerce research results for 2013 indicate.

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There can be only one – battle on the online classified ad market

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The fight for supremacy on the market of online classified advertisements continues in 2014. In fact, the market was stirred up again in the past month. A new competitive phase started with important announcements by the two largest players. Schibsted made acquisitions, while launched a renaming campaign. These changes warrant another look at Hungary’s online classified advertisement market by…

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Successful accommodation coupon business: HUF 4 billion market

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The turnover of the online accommodation coupon market in Hungary amounted to HUF 4 billion in 2012. These special offers, usually involving discounts in excess of 50%, remain very popular, and a strong package offer is unquestionably beneficial to the accommodation providers selling the bonus/coupon.

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Bónusz Brigád has half of bonus/coupon market

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In the first nine months of 2013, the turnover on Hungary’s bonus/coupon market reached HUF 4 billion. Market leader Bónusz Brigád gained a substantial advantage, distancing itself from competitors. The bonus/coupon market continues to expand; the next phase in its development could involve the transformation of market players into discount webshops.

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Countdown to great Christmas shopping fever

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As much as 23% of the entire year’s online retail turnover is generated in the Christmas period. Just as last year, tablets will probably be the most popular presents under the Christmas trees in Hungary. The latest iteration of the research series by eNET-Telekom, titled “Report on the Internet Economy”, focuses on the Christmas shopping fever.

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eNET-CUB – The online small ads market is not even so small

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Can Jófogás or Apród be considered as the market leader of the online small ads market in Hungary? What kinds of indicators are available to compare the two services? The joint research of eNET-CUB deals with the market leader position of the online classified ads market.

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