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eNET to support Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace

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President Emmanuel Macron launched the Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace at the UNESCO Internet Governance Forum last year. His top-level declaration aims to enhance the development of common principles for securing cyberspace. The initiative has already received the backing of 564 official supporters: 67 States, 139 international and civil society organizations, and…

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5.3 million smartphone users in Hungary

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The number of smartphone users in Hungary is 5.3 million, which equals 89% of all internet users in the country. As to device manufacturers, Samsung has maintained its strong position. Concerning the operating systems, Android clearly dominates. The number of people using a mobile internet connection has increased by 1.7 million to almost 4.5 million…

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SME invoices go digital; small businesses have yet to catch up

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Digital solutions are gaining ground in the invoicing practices of Hungarian small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Printed invoice booklets still rule the market, but four out of 10 SMEs already issue digital invoices generated by a dedicated software. In fact, digital invoices have already overtaken their hand-written counterparts among companies (as opposed to individual entrepreneurs).…

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Over EUR 3.1 billion (HUF 1,000 billion) spent in Hungary’s online retail sector

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Hungary’s online retail (e-tail) market has expanded by more than 150% in four years. Several analysts have underestimated last year’s growth: the net turnover of webshops actually rocketed from EUR 0.8 billion (HUF 273 billion) in 2014 to EUR 2.1 billion (HUF 669 billion) in 2018. Every spring, as companies close their balance sheets by…

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Precision agriculture conquers Hungary: gadgets for better yields

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Hungarian farmers engaged in plant cultivation are open to precision technologies; in fact, 23% claim to apply them (i.e. modern technologies and digital devices) already. In the past year, the ratio of companies using digital devices in farming increased significantly, from 75% to 93%. This may constitute a strong basis for the continued proliferation of…

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Almost 5.4 million online shoppers in Hungary

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Close to 5.4 million Hungarians, or 91% of adult internet users shop online regularly. As this number would be difficult to increase much further, e-commerce could be expanded by raising the purchase intensity. The proliferation of online shopping for food and household goods is expected to strongly contribute to that; 1.2 million people have so…

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E-sport makes up more than half of Hungary’s video gaming market

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Whether or not competitive video gaming constitutes a sport is always debated. But meanwhile, the industry is growing, with a current annual turnover of HUF 24 billion in Hungary. As to the games played, PuBG and Fortnite are booming, just like in other countries. Concerning the platforms, the share of consoles is increasing. But this…

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Hungarians using smart watches and bands are more health-conscious

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One in 10 adult internet users wears a smart watch and/or smart band, and one quarter use a smartphone application to keep track of their physical activities. Smart watch and/or smart band users are more health-conscious than others, attend medical screening more often, do more sports, and pay more attention to their diet. These are…

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Christmas e-tail season calls for further development

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The holiday season at the end of 2018 has proved commercially successful: the turnover generated on Black Friday only (including online and offline transactions) was close to HUF 78 billion (~EUR 247 million), while the total Christmas shopping period may have brought a HUF 323 billion (~EUR 1023 million) trade volume according to eNET’s surveys…

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Almost 3.5 million look forward to Black Friday

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Black Friday already conquered Hungary last year, and the stakes are even higher in 2017, with 3.3 million adult Hungarian internet users planning to take advantage of Black Friday deals. If all planned purchases were realised, the potential total turnover would reach a quarter of last year’s entire online trade volume, a recent online survey…

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