Internet access has become a basic need for Hungarian youth

2017. 11. 29.

According to adult Hungarian Intenet users, feeling ’at home’ means different things for different generations. Whereas having Internet access is mostly a convenience feature for older people, for youth it has become a basic need. Internet users feel strongly about staying connected: two out of ten would rather have no warm water for a month than giving up access to the world wide web. The latest “Report on the Internet Economy” by eNET – Telekom focuses on the changing concepts of ’home’.

What makes a place a home?

For respondents participating in eNET’s online research conducted in September 2017, ’home’ primarily means family, safety and tranquility. Comfort is also important: „our home should serve our needs”. Imagine moving to a new place, and having to give up all but three of your ordinary devices and services for a month. What would the three things to take with you be? According to adult Hungarian Internet users, there are differences between generations.

Home means different things for different generations

According to respondents, Internet access is the most important element (88%) of feeling home for members of Generation Z (ages 8-22) – something they would not be willing to give up under any circumstances. This is followed by being able to listen to music (44%), and personal hygiene (e.g. warm water) (43%).

Respondents think that members of Generation Y (ages 23-37) find personal hygiene to be the most important (59%), but Internet access follows quite close (57%). The third priority is related to food storing and preparation (e.g. being able to use a fridge, a stove, or a microwave) (40%).Personal hygiene come first for members of Generation X (ages 38-52) as well (60%), according to respondents of the research. In second place comes food storing and preparation (55%), followed by Internet access (38%).

Finally, respondents believe that for Baby Boomers (ages 53-71) food storing and preparation is the most important (53%), followed by being able to watch television (49%), and personal hygiene (45%).

According to adult Hungarian Internet users, Internet access has become for younger generations what television is for older ones: no longer a convenience feature only, but an actual basic need. It has become an indispensable component of ’feeling at home’ – something necessary for a place to really be considered a home.

Internet vs. warm water

The Internet obviously plays a prominent role in the lives of adult Hungarian Internet users. What would they be willing to give up just to be able to stay connected? A lot of things: their kitchen and being able to cook (38%); watching television (27%); their bed (22%); listening to music (20%); and even warm water (19%). Of course, this is not very surprising, considering most things can be sorted out with the help of the Internet. Instead of cooking our own food, we can order food online; most shows are available on the Internet if watching tv is not an option; and if we happen to miss our beds, we can easily pick out a new one at one of the many online furniture stores. And the few things that can only be done offline? Well, those we can live without, in return for all the benefits the online world has to offer.

eNET – Telekom

About the survey: eNET queried 626 Internet users over 18 years of age in September 2017. The survey was conducted via the online research community (short for Véleményem Van – „I have an opinion”). The results are representative of the views of Hungarian internet users aged 18+ in terms of gender, age and region.