eNET’s Mobile Network Measurement Services

eNET is equipped with the necessary instruments to conduct mobile network measurement called “drive test”, including scanners (Rohde& Schwarz TSMW), traffic test devices (NEMO, Nokia test phones, recording devices, Samsung Galaxy) and applicable software. We also provide vehicles and the expert staff to conduct measurements. Up to 15 (stationary or moving) Drive Test vehicles can test cellular networks. Our services are available in Hungary, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania and other countries as needed by our clients.

Vehicle Fleet for Mobile Network Performance Measurement (Examples)

Our devices and methods are designed and directed to measure direct coverage data such as signal strength and signal/noise, including momentary network speed and capacity at certain locations. We can also provide the estimated general capacity of a network based on indirect characteristics, such as shared capacity estimation based on the coding level and CQI quality measurement.

Ec/No and RSCP Values during Downloading

Measuring HSDPA Parameters during Downloading

Our services extend beyond acquiring and measuring raw data and include processing measurement results by various data aspects and applying them to a map or GIS.

The Drive Test results provide valuable information for technical design such as network development, operation and fine-tuning, strategy definition, and local marketing communication. eNET’s data mining concept supports data processing at any level and aids decision-making processed by providing visual display of the obtained information.

eNET, along with the services described above, offers idea generation and process management and implementation to aid systematic improvement processes for our clients. Using our measurement data and analysis, we can propose solutions to improve network quality at certain points or in certain areas.

Coverage Test and RSCP Values Display via Bar Charts