The position of tourism in the internet economy In focus: The domestic accomodation providers Q1. 2004 (Summary for the press)

01. 04. 2004.

I. Summary

Although the information and contents in connection with spending freetime are one of the most popular topic on the internet, using online services by the domestic accomodation providers still not reach their potential.

In the first quarter of 2004, 52% of the domestic hotels and 25% of the domestic pensions make possible to book a room via the internet. Last year 7% of all the bookings in hotels were online and this ratio is 6% in the cases of pensions. In spite of it, less than only 1% of the bookings were paid online. Whereas only 8% of the hotels and less than 1% of the pensions give the option for us to pay online.

The internet activity of the hotels and pensions in 2003 (%)
(In the percentage of all hotels and pension)

II. Detailed review

In April 2004 86% of the hotels and 70% of the pensions have internet connection and 70% of the hotels and 50% of the pensions have got own website.

The more stars a hotel or pension has, it is more likely to being connected on the Internet and having a website. The internet penetracy of the 4 and 5 stars hotels is close to the 100%. This indicator is only 60% in the cases of hotels with 1 or 3 stars. 76% of the pensions having 3 stars have internet connection, and only 66% of the ratio of internet connection in the cases of pensions having 1-2 stars.

Hotels with 4 and 5 stars pay more attention to appear on foreign websites than in domestic. It is the result of the high proportion of the foreigner guests in these types of hotels. Contrarily the hotels with only 1 and 2 stars prefer to advertise themselves on local and regional sites dealing with tourism.

The most of the hotels with website make possible to book accomodation via the internet (75%), but the processing of the bookings in the most cases are partly or fully manual. In case of the hotels the necessary condition of the automatic processing integrated with the internal registry is  the integration of the front- and back office systems. This integrity is missing even in the cases of hotels with 4 and 5 stars as well (only 60% of the hotels are able to meet this criteria).

What is the method of processing bookings arriving from the website?

As far as the hotels (that make online bookings available) concerned, last year 12% of the room reservations take place via the internet. This ratio is 19% in connection with the pensions. In the future this tendency expectedly keeps going and according to the expectations in 2004 can reach the 25% in the cases of hotel and 28% in the cases of pensions.

In one fourth of hotels  that make online bookings available is available paying by credit card. Only 1% of the pensions can handle this issue.  In 2003 17% of the payment take place via the internet in the cases of online booked rooms.

About the survey:

In this research that takes place in the First Quarter of 2004, more than 300 hotels and pensions filled out the questionnaire.

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