Olympics on TV and online: 600,000 to follow games on smartphones in Hungary

17. 08. 2016.

Adult Hungarian Internet users are committed sports fans: 69%, i.e. over 3.5 million people plan to watch the Rio Olympic Games. Seven out of 10 respondents want to see all sports in which Hungarian athletes participate. Smartphones, tablet computers and (mobile) Internet access provide more opportunities to cheer for sportsmen than ever before. The latest survey in eNET-Telekom’s “Report on the Internet Economy” series is focused on Olympic fans.

Internet users consumed by Olympic fever

According to eNET’s online research conducted in August 2016, adult Hungarian Internet users are hot for the Olympics: as many as 69%, i.e. more than 3.5 million people plan to watch the games this month. Unsurprisingly, it’s the sports in which Hungarians are traditionally successful that will attract the most attention; these are swimming (78%), water polo (69%) as well as kayak and canoe (65%).

The respondents are committed sports fans: 69% are not really interested in their own favourite sports but those in which Hungarian sportsmen have good chances of winning.

Olympics on multiple screens

While television used to be the exclusive domain of Olympic broadcasts, now half of the respondents take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Internet as well. About 45% of those who plan to follow the Games on TV and online as well will watch the broadcasts on a laptop computer, 41% on a desktop computer, 34% on a smartphone, and one in 10 people on a tablet. Consequently, the total number of fans cheering for Hungarian sportsmen should be as follows, broken down by connected device (other than television): 790,000 on laptops, 720,000 on desktops, 600,000 on smartphones, and 170,000 on tablets.

According to nine out of 10 respondents, the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and (mobile) Internet access has reshuffled the way people watch the Olympic Games, and presents more options to cheer for sportsmen than ever before. Seventy per cent of the respondents agree that broadcasts can be watched anywhere, any time; 50% claim that it’s easier to read Olympics-related news thanks to such devices; 26% say that the gadgets help them find and select the events they are interested in; and 23% like the option of watching programs on several screens at the same time.

The majority (74%) find it important to be able to follow the Olympic races they are interested in live (in real time), anywhere, any time. And even if they miss an Olympic event that is deemed important, half of them want to know the result immediately (and may then decide to watch the race). Consequently, conventional, live TV coverage is the most popular (78%), followed by broadcasts that can be viewed later (31%) and live online streaming (16%). TV programs recorded by the respondents come last (5%).

Fans all the way

Olympic spectators are enthusiastic fans: 76% have felt their hearts overflow with joy when a Hungarian athlete or team won the Olympics; 69% reported that they spirits plunged when Hungarians did not win; 61% still shivers when seeing a re-run of a memorable Olympic victory; and almost half of them confessed to loud shouting while cheering for Olympic sportsmen in front of their TVs.

Even though 93% of those interested in the Olympics usually follow other sport events as well, three quarters consider the Olympics especially important because it fosters a feeling of togetherness within one’s country and in the world. Telekom’s “Sport Fan’s Heart” initiative is also aimed at that feeling; it allows fans to send messages and a virtual heartbeat (through a heart-shaped digital device) to members of the Hungarian Olympic Team in order to support and encourage sportsmen. Most respondents consider the “Sport Fan’s Heart” initiative a very good idea as it conveys fans’ love and, so to speak, a bit of their hearts to the sportsmen. Some 45% of Olympic spectators plan to support members of the Hungarian Olympic team in this manner during the Olympics.

But the respondents of course have expectations in exchange for all that support. They will not be content with Olympic medals, expecting a world record of one Hungarian athlete (34%) or even several of them (42%).

Olympics – anywhere, anytime 

Adult Hungarian Internet users not only like cheering for sportsmen but they are champions of this activity: 69% plan to follow the Rio Olympics and support all Hungarian participants. And this is much easier thanks to the spread of smartphones and tablets, as well as (mobile) Internet access; these solutions extend sport fans’ options to express their heartfelt support anywhere and anytime.

eNET – Telekom