Our ESG services offer innovative and effective solutions to help your company meet its ESG obligations.



By synergizing our energy expertise, project management proficiency, and IT solutions acumen, we provide specialized advisory services to the energy sector.



We provide guidance and support in banking technology services, leveraging our market knowledge, digitalization expertise, and expert management.



Our goal is to help industry stakeholders navigate technological changes from resource creation to network operation and management.




Regulation of ESG in Hungary

30. 01. 2024.

ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) is increasingly playing a prominent role in the business world as a measure of companies’ responsibility and sustainability. This framework represents a new foundation for business strategy formulation and corporate activities, where environmental, social, and governance

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ESG: A sustainable future pathway

21. 11. 2023.

Climate change has transcended local or regional issues, posing a significant global threat to both the environment and human society. The consequences of climate change highlight how traditional economic models can harm our planet and underscore the necessity of balancing

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Innovation and efficiency – RPA in the spotlight part 2

24. 10. 2023.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology is revolutionizing business processes and methods. In the first part of our two-part series, we introduced RPA technology and its extensive advantages, as well as possible requirements for its applicability. With the application of this

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As creative and competent thinkers at the forefront of our country, we believe in digital solutions and the foundation that underpins them: expert consulting. Our commitment lies in generating value and opening doors for our clients, offering astute and adaptable solutions that span the gamut of emerging challenges.


We have an experienced team of consultants, all of whom are dedicated professionals working every day to make a positive difference to our clients’ present and, most importantly, their future. Leveraging 22 years of experience, eNET masterminds bespoke problem-solving, massive transformations, strategic initiatives, and comprehensive implementations. Our role extends beyond that of mere consultants; we seamlessly meld with our clients, embodying their collective spirit.


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