Our ESG services offer innovative and effective solutions to help your company meet its ESG obligations.



By synergizing our energy expertise, project management proficiency, and IT solutions acumen, we provide specialized advisory services to the energy sector.



We provide guidance and support in banking technology services, leveraging our market knowledge, digitalization expertise, and expert management.



Our goal is to help industry stakeholders navigate technological changes from resource creation to network operation and management.




Climate resilience in the name of sustainability

21. 05. 2024.

The climate resilience assessment evaluates the durability and operational capability of projects funded by grants in light of the anticipated effects of climate change. To avoid increasingly severe climatic factors, it is crucial to properly adapt to an increasingly extreme

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Artificial intelligence in public administration: dangers, challenges and responsibility

07. 05. 2024.

The application of artificial intelligence in public administration presents numerous challenges, including reliability, transparency, and changes in the labour market. It is a complex and sensitive area, yet it is a fact that its use can create new opportunities. –

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Project management principles in the corporate environment

24. 04. 2024.

In the modern business environment, project management is an essential tool for successful corporate governance. Project management is not just about managing a company’s projects; it involves a complex process that includes planning, execution, and monitoring to efficiently and effectively

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As creative and competent thinkers at the forefront of our country, we believe in digital solutions and the foundation that underpins them: expert consulting. Our commitment lies in generating value and opening doors for our clients, offering astute and adaptable solutions that span the gamut of emerging challenges.


We have an experienced team of consultants, all of whom are dedicated professionals working every day to make a positive difference to our clients’ present and, most importantly, their future. Leveraging 22 years of experience, eNET masterminds bespoke problem-solving, massive transformations, strategic initiatives, and comprehensive implementations. Our role extends beyond that of mere consultants; we seamlessly meld with our clients, embodying their collective spirit.


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