Workable, truly usable solutions = value creation. We provide a unique strategy and solution in a unique way. The establishment, planning and management of projects with a total value of tens of billions is an integral part of our existence and daily activities.



Our expert tender management team is characterized by extensive and specific knowledge of the industry and resource support system. Up-to-date information, fast and complex, customer-specific solutions.



We have been actively working in this field for more than 20 years. Our research and analysis materials and consulting services create value for both telecommunications service providers and for key players of the regulatory side.



‘You’ve been already working efficiently.. now just imagine new ways to be more efficient!’

01. 03. 2023.

All at once it is a corporate approach, a culture, and a methodology to improve efficiency: LEAN. Continuous improvement is the main driver of this approach, which applies to both the members of the organization and the improvement of the

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ChatGPT as Google’s new challenger?

20. 02. 2023.

Digitalization achievements had been already our main topics on, for example when we discussed how air transport can be modernized with the latest technologies. Our brand new series of articles focuses on the intertwining of digitalization and artificial intelligence

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SESAR – The Single European Sky

09. 01. 2023.

A goal of the European Union is to get anywhere in between the EU borders within 4 hours − door to door (D2D): this is the Single European Sky initiative. With this establishment, air transport can be more environmentally friendly

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We are a data-driven consultancy-based group of companies that provides analytics and solutions showing the way for its clients in the word of digital economy.


Our information technological projects provide support from fundraising to the end of the implementation phase for our clients that are working in the field of competitive sector, central administration, and local government in Hungary and abroad.


The activities of our group include analysis and consultancy, research and development, software technology development, business planning and project and tender management in numerous areas of the economy.


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