eNET Internship Program – Where possibilities are limitless, challenges are inspiring

21. 06. 2023.

Ever wondered how a student feels as an intern at eNET? Get a glimpse into our outstanding program through an interview with one of our interns!

From the very beginning, we have placed great emphasis on discovering and mentoring talented young individuals, as well as providing valuable learning and growth opportunities at eNET. It is part of our company philosophy to truly offer our interns a chance to gain valuable experience. Under the guidance of assigned mentors, our interns have the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and work on real projects, setting off on their career paths in an inspiring and professional environment.

Emese Szatmári, the sales support intern of eNET, has been part of our #eNETeam internship program for almost two years now. With her precision and eagerness to learn, she consistently approaches tasks proactively, providing great assistance to the Sales department. Emese is a student at Corvinus University of Budapest, currently pursuing a master’s degree while managing to spare some time for a chat in the midst of her exam period. Enjoy reading!

You have been working at eNET for quite some time now, nearly two years. How did you hear about our internship program?

Indeed, it’s been almost two years since I joined and became a part of the eNET internship program. Prior to my arrival, as a bachelor student, I was searching for a suitable internship opportunity to gain work experience alongside my university studies. I discovered the eNET internship job posting in a Facebook group dedicated to students in higher education, and I promptly applied via email. I was impressed by the swift selection process and the extremely supportive and flexible approach I encountered.

What motivated you to take on an internship position?

Two years ago, I was studying Business Administration and Management, so I wanted to gain experience in some economic field to further develop myself. I had already worked before, trying my hand in the hospitality industry and serving as an administrative assistant at one of the world’s leading quality control companies during a summer job for students. However, eNET became my first workplace that related directly to my studies and offered tasks that could provide me with more professional growth. I believe it is crucial to gain practical experience alongside academic knowledge, and having relevant work experience can be a significant advantage, especially for fresh graduates.

Why did you choose the eNET Internship Program?

When I saw the internship job adverstisement for bid and sales intern, I was immediately interested in the job description and tasks. I visited the company’s website and went through the services and recent posts. I remember not wanting to work for a multinational company, so I was really drawn to eNET as a medium-sized enterprise. The interview went smoothly, and the integration process was quick, thanks to the encouraging atmosphere and helpful colleagues, as well as my mentor at the time, Ágnes Czeffer, who provided me with a lot of support.

It was important for me that my working hours could be handled flexibly alongside my university studies, and fortunately, there were no issues in this regard. The eNET Internship Program is a great opportunity in many aspects, as one of its goals is to have interns potentially become employees and continue building their careers here after completing their studies.

Please tell us about the job and field you work in.

I have been working as a sales support intern since February, for about six months now, supporting the key account managers and sales support team in the Sales department. Thanks to this position, I have gained a deeper understanding of the business processes. Now I can see how much energy and time investment is required to create a successful business proposal. Before that, I had the opportunity to try myself as a marketing intern in the Communication department, where I also spent around six months. In my first year, I worked as a bid and sales intern, where I got a glimpse into the work of the bid team and assisted them.

I think it’s a fantastic opportunity here at eNET for interns to try themselves in various areas and quickly discover which types of roles or tasks suit them best. Throughout my current and previous two internships here, I have learned valuable skills, developed in multiple areas, and it means a lot to me.

What do you think you have improved the most during these two years?

I believe it was a significant milestone in my life to transition from the world of studying to the world of work and simultaneously excel in both areas. I had to learn how to manage my time effectively to meet my own expectations both at university and at work, while still leaving room for leisure activities. It has also been an important experience for me to gain insight into how an organization operates because often theory and practice do not entirely align. Although I receive a lot of support and assistance, I usually try to solve tasks on my own and find solutions to any problems that may arise, which has helped me develop these competencies. In addition to skills such as prioritization, problem-solving, communication, time management, and similar areas, I have also acquired knowledge in multiple professional domains, which I am also very pleased about.

What are your goals for the future?

In the next year, I will still be attending university, continuing my master’s studies, and writing my thesis. I definitely want to continue my internship at eNET as well and I’m not ruling out trying myself in a new field here. My plans after university are still taking shape. First, I want to focus on my final year of studies, continue learning, and continue working. But one thing is certain: I have high hopes for the future, and I know that a good internship program is a passport to a successful career.