eNET Internship program – Step into the professional world with us!

25. 08. 2023.

Practical knowledge and professional mentoring are crucial in building a career. We are excited to introduce to you the eNET Hungary Ltd.’s successful internship program, which has been operating effectively for many years. This program offers a unique opportunity for development and launching a successful career.

With over 22 years of experience, eNET provides consultancy to our clients in the business, central administration, and local government sectors. Digitalization is interwoven into all our work. We have participated in numerous major projects over the years, such as developing and launching the most versatile Hungarian satellite image processing system and contributing to the establishment of 3G in our country. Our services also encompass strategic and business planning, project management, support for the implementation of IT systems, and addressing the digitalization challenges of prominent fields like energy and public administration.

The eNET Internship program

Since our inception, we have placed significant emphasis on our internship program, as it has always been important for us to discover and mentor talented students. Fresh perspectives, new ways of thinking, and approaches are crucial in our operations and problem-solving. From the organization’s perspective, this essentially constitutes a deliberate talent development and succession planning.

“If we can integrate interns into the company at the beginning of their university studies, we have sufficient time to get to know each other. On one hand, we gain an understanding of our interns’ competencies, abilities, and motivations. During our collaboration, it becomes clear in which area we should orient them, where they can develop these abilities, and apply the knowledge they acquired at university.


On the other hand, we also have the opportunity to introduce our interns to the company’s portfolio, operations, and the perspectives available as employees. Moreover, colleagues who take on mentoring roles can enhance their structured thinking, task delegation skills, and people management abilities. We support their successful mentoring roles with thematic training developed through collaborative thinking. Our goal and experience show that with this well-thought-out internship program, everyone wins” – stated Erika Fekete, HR Manager at eNET.

Higher education students typically come to eNET with multiple goals: on one hand, to fulfill their mandatory professional internship or complete their thesis, and on the other hand, to complement and enrich their theoretical knowledge with practical experiences.

Within the realms of eNET, alongside gaining experience in a real work environment, it is of utmost importance that our interns also have the opportunity to build connections. In our mentoring program, the primary focus lies not only in facilitating professional development but also in integrating the intern into the organization. They collaborate with mentors, project managers, and experienced experts on real projects where they receive tasks that allow them to enrich their knowledge, broaden their horizons, and deepen their understanding.

During our collaboration with students, we also strive to showcase the areas of expertise where we can offer them career opportunities and perspectives. Furthermore, we share increasingly more information about the company’s operations, strategy, and core values. This is done with the aim that after obtaining their degree, they can continue their collaboration with us as employees.

How to become an intern, who are we looking for?

During the selection process, the goal from the very first meeting is to foster an informal conversation between the prospective intern and the potential mentor or colleague. Throughout this conversation, we explore the applicant’s goals, motivations, studies, and knowledge to assess how well they align with eNET’s activities and processes. Throughout the admission process, we prioritize efficiency and involve colleagues who will work alongside the intern. Typically, the applicant meets the prospective mentor, the HR manager, and possibly the head of the department.

We don’t expect our interns to have field-related professional experience, but it’s essential for them to be proactive, curious, open to development, and committed to these traits. A fundamental requirement is proficient use of the MS Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) and communication skills in English. In order for our interns to be active members of project teams, an average of 20 hours of work per week is necessary. Flexibility is also highly valued at eNET. Interns manage their work hours themselves, making it adaptable to their university studies, exam periods, and summer breaks.

After a successful admission process, the newly joined intern is welcomed in the office by the HR manager. They then get to know their team and mentor, and receive the necessary tools for their tasks. Just like all other employees, fresh fruit awaits the interns every morning, and they also have access to coffee and tea throughout the workday.

Would you have thought?! 27% of our current team of employees consists of former interns who have become full-time employees, excelling as experts, project managers, or organizational leaders. We are incredibly proud of this achievement!

Apply to join us!

If you found the above information interesting or you might be seeking an internship opportunity yourself, feel free to apply to us! Send us your resume to the email address karrier@enet.hu. We are very eager to get to know you!