eNET’s experienced consulting experts support the transformation of the energy sector. Our principle is that only complex answers can be given to the current industry challenges, as companies not only face energy or IT problems, but also a transformation affecting the entire value chain. For all these reasons, no effective market presence can be built solely through an IT or energetic approach. Our main goal is to provide customized support for energy-related services with data mining and IT solutions.




Our energetic research and consulting services cover a wide range of energetic, including experience in the fields of renewable energy, the gas market, energy management, energy efficiency and green transport. We undertake the development of energy professional concepts, feasibility studies, and the planning and management of energy projects. We are also involved in the development of energy solutions.




Rising energy prices and tightening environmental regulations are forcing businesses to operate energy-efficiently. As a consequence of energy efficiency, energy consumption, energy costs and GHG emissions reduce. The analysis of energy consumption data and energy costs allows us to optimize energy use, thereby reducing energy costs. As part of our energy management service, we undertake the creation and management of an energy action plan, as well as support for energy procurement tenders. Our experts are constantly working to find the best test solution for all our customers.




Hungary is a particularly vulnerable area in terms of the expected effects of climate change, but at the same time, this problem shows great regional differences within Hungary. Climate change mitigation can be achieved through global cooperation, while the preparation for adverse effects can be most effectively achieved at the local level.

To this end, we undertake the creation of climate strategy for settlements, based on the methodology compiled by the Association of Climate-Friendly Settlements. This includes the preparation of the municipal GHG inventory, the analysis of the situation from the point of view of climate protection, the identification of strategic connection points, the identification of areas for intervention and the formulation of proposals for measures.




The Covenant of Mayors brings together thousands of local authorities who voluntarily commit to meet the EU’s climate and energy goals. Those who join the Alliance commit themselves to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% by 2030 and define measures to help to adapt to climate change.

This requires the preparation of their Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP), which will be developed by eNET on the basis of a methodology established by the Covenant of Mayors. This includes the compilation of a municipal CO2 inventory, the collection, estimation, and analysis of data on energy consumption, and the assessment of risks and vulnerabilities related to climate change.




Survey of companies in terms of renewable energy and energy efficiency increase. eNET experts help to identify the best energy projects and financing opportunities for your company. By installing a solar system, electricity costs can be reduced, and less CO2 is released into the atmosphere, while the company’s energy independence is also increased. Payback period of solar systems can be reduced with solar, renewable energy tenders. We take over the tender management and the related administrative tasks from our clients.




The transport sector is responsible for one third of the European Union’s total energy consumption, which accounts for a quarter of total emissions. In order to achieve emission reduction and decarbonisation efforts of Hungary and the European Union, it is necessary to strive for the widest possible use of green means of transport. We support the transport sector in this transition with our research and consulting services. In addition to battery electric propulsion, we also have a reference to green fuel cell propulsion in the field of green transport.



  • Research and consulting services
  • Development of professional concepts and feasibility studies
  • Project planning and project management
  • Participation in the development of energy solutions
  • Elaboration of energy and climate strategies
  • Carry out energy efficiency studies
  • Support for energy procurement tenders
  • Establishment and management of energetic action plans
  • Survey of companies in terms of renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Identification of best energetic projects
  • Identification of funding opportunities


  • Joint presence of analytical, developmental, sector-specific competencies
  • We deliver customer-oriented, customized, unique solutions
  • Highly trained, experienced expert staff
  • Ability to solve complex problems, ability to innovate
  • Technology-independent analytical competence

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