Extensive knowledge of the ‘competence for success’, the industry specifics, and resource support system. With up-to-date professional information, we offer our customers fast, complex and unique solutions. Our tender consultants support the selection of the appropriate tender design, the winning of the tender and its successful implementation with outstanding expertise and a high degree of flexibility. With us, project and customer success always come first.


Through the work of our specialists, we create a bridge between the applicants and the participating organizations: we help you find the most suitable schemes in the maze of applications/tenders, and we provide support in compiling the applications. In case of a positive evaluation, you can also count on us in performing the tasks related to the administrative project management required for successful implementation.


Based on the project concept to be implemented, we compile the documents required for the submission of the application (feasibility study, schedule, budget, application form) and fully manage the process from the submission of the application through the rectification procedures to the evaluation. According to the needs of our clients, we make a proposal regarding the professional content, the structure of costs, and the schedule of fundraising.


Following a positive sponsorship decision, we participate in the conclusion of the grant agreement, during the implementation of the project we provide assistance in the mobilization of funds as soon as possible and in the fulfilment of the obligations arising from the grant agreements. We oversee and effectively support communication with the contributing organizations and assist in the smooth conduct of on-site inspections.


Our tender management team consists of 7+ experts with many years of extensive professional experience. Thanks to the diversified activities of our Company, in topic-specific projects we help our clients to prepare the professional documentation required for a successful application by involving our expert staff competent in the given field. We have an extensive professional network.


We have comprehensive knowledge in repayable and non-refundable support schemes financed from domestic and EU funds, and we are characterized by outstanding expertise in support schemes primarily related to the areas of information technology, energy (energy management systems) research and development and telecommunications infrastructure development.


Our application services are intended for organizations that do not have a separate tender preparation and tender monitoring team, experience, so they cannot independently provide sufficient resources and competence to search for and write possible applications, manage projects running in parallel and perform mandatory project administration tasks.


Our future is in the hands of the next generation

15. 09. 2022.

Talent, diligence, uniqueness. There are many professional recognitions in the scientific sphere that duly recognize creative ideas, yet we know of few awards where innovative solutions are (also) honored with monetary rewards. Today’s inventors, researchers and professionals face many challenges:

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“It wouldn’t have been possible without us”

15. 08. 2022.

  Szabolcs Debreczeni considers himself a “second-generation” consultant: both his father and mother were involved in consulting, and he himself got his first job of this kind nearly thirty years ago. He has been strengthening the eNET team since 2018,

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CAREER NEWS: György Szabó strengthens eNET’s outstanding professional team

12. 08. 2022.

György Szabó, who was previously the CEO of Sanoma Media Budapest for more than two decades, continues his tremendous managing activity in the field of eNET’s international services. In July, György joined our company to help the firm dealing with

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Egyedülálló módon nyújtunk stratégiát és megoldást.


We provide strategy and solutions in a unique way.

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Data mining

We show the potential of data.

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Research and analysis

A meeting of classical and modern technologies and methodologies.

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