National Research, Development and Innovation Fund




Name of the beneficiary: eNET Hungary Ltd.

Project identification number: KFI-16-1-2017-0425

Project title: Development of an intelligent, flexibly integrated device-monitor system and research of an optimization procedure based on it


Start of the project: 01.07.2018

Project completion date: 30.06.2020


The aim of the project is to research the process of optimizing the design, maintenance and development tasks related to the design and operation of extensive technical infrastructures based on sensor data and / or production line based on data.


In our solution, we develop a new sensor system and a method based on it which can determine the optimal maintenance and life cycle time of each infrastructure element with adequate estimation accuracy, even with a very short observation period, on high-load data measured by sensors in a real environment.


Sponsor: National Office for Research, Development and Innovation

Amount of contracted support: HUF 444,099,930

Aid intensity (%): 68,68%