Data mining

27. 02. 2022.


Data-driven decision support quickly, efficiently and economically. Our industry-leading experts work with state-of-the-art data mining techniques. From the large amount of data, interesting and valuable data are filtered out and new, yet unknown connections are revealed. We do all this as one of the largest data mining teams in the region.


Using state-of-the-art data mining methods, based on strong mathematical and analytical calculations, we filter out interesting and valuable data from large amounts of data (internal and attached external data sets) and search for new, thus far unknown relationships.

Thanks to the continuous development of our technological knowledge, we always deliver up-to-date and customer-specific solutions. As one of the largest data mining teams in the region, we have a wide range of competencies: our staff include mathematicians, analysts, economists, statisticians, geoinformatics experts and developers.


ENET creates value in the design of the data warehouse and in the related data mining and analysis tasks. During these tasks, we work with both closed and open source systems:

Technologies used for database management problems:

  • PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra
  • Our Big Data management tools: Apache Hadoop (Hive, Pig), Impala
  • Our ETL technologies: Kettle, Pentaho
  • Our technology for reporting problems is jasperServer
  • Our tool for Ad Hoc reporting: FlySpeed
  • For ROLAP, the technologies we have are Mondrian and jPivot


In addition to those mentioned in the “Tools and Technologies” block, the following tools are widely used:

  • Tools used for cloud solutions: Azure Functions, AKS, AppService
  • Our technologies for Develops: Docker, Kubernetes
  • Tools for Dashboard Enhancements: Flask, Dash, Superset, Power BI
  • Our technology used in distributed computing: Celery


  • Production scheduling
  • Product pricing
  • Campaign analysis
  • Forecast
  • Product development
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk-based error detection
  • Optimization
  • Classic data mining
  • Customized developments


The eNET data mining team assists its customers throughout the enterprise digitization process. Our business solutions effectively support business goals and digitalization that permeates all corporate functions:

  • Data warehouse development
  • Data Market Solutions
  • Data cleaning
  • Data-based, automated decision support
  • Data collection
  • Data processing
  • BI system construction
  • Industry 4.0
  • Simulations
  • Modelling
  • Optimization
  • Visualization


  • Econometric and statistical analyses (forecast, impact assessment)
  • Stochastic simulation (scenario-based examination of complex systems)
  • Market equilibrium modelling (demand estimation)
  • Algorithm development (construction of special automated systems)
  • Data mining (high volume data processing, visualization and evaluation)
  • Network analyses (graph-based analysis)


  • Continuous growth:

The solutions developed by eNET consist of microservice-based components, so they can be flexibly expanded both horizontally and vertically to meet the needs of the corporate business.

  • Hidden synergies of data:

Our solutions make intensive use of developments related to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for new, efficient analysis of business data.

  • The data is the largest value:

Our solutions handle the data properly encrypted throughout the processing process from the moment they are generated, they can only be accessed with appropriate authorization.

  • Analysis of spatial processes:

We provide the understanding and analysis of spatial processes using the most modern GIS tools.


We recommend our data mining service to all corporate and institutional customers whose activities accumulate a large amount of data, but which, at the same time, want to support their decisions and develop their operational and business activities along their inherent interconnections.

We use elements of the ITIL methodology in our activities. Our company has more than 10 ITIL certified professionals.

Our main references at the sectoral level come from pharmaceutical companies, energy service providers and shopping malls.


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