National Research, Development and Innovation Fund


Support for market-led research and development and innovation projects (2020-1.1.2-MARKET RDI)


Name of the beneficiary: eNET Hungary Ltd.

Project identification number: 2020-1.1.2-PIACI-KFI-2021-00215

Project title: Development of a Public Intelligent Transport System (ITS) for unmanned aircraft capable of autonomous flight.


Start of the project: 01.11.2021.

Project completion date: 31.10.2024


Aim of the project: Development of a dedicated conflict detection and resolution system, so-called Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM), for the transmission of publicly identifiable data to all manned or unmanned aerial vehicles.


In the framework of the project, we test and compare the applicable communication technologies, and based on this, we develop a platform-independent drone identification that is suitable for tracing and real-time signalling of potential conflicts.


Based on the identification of UAVs, development of an artificial intelligence-based algorithm for conflict detection and resolution, and development of an artificial intelligence-based algorithm generating a conflict resolution proposal as a UTM function, enabling the safe management of UAVs without involving extreme amount of human resources.


Sponsor: National Office for Research, Development and Innovation

Amount of contracted support: HUF 289,999,200

Aid intensity (%): 66.36%