Climate change – Energy awareness – Energy efficiency: Challenges and opportunities in the 21st century

13. 03. 2024.

Our society is currently facing challenges that could be vitally important for both the present and the future. The increasingly apparent effects of climate change, issues with energy production and consumption, and the instability of energy markets all question the sustainability of our current economic and social systems.

The growing importance of energy efficiency and energy awareness is not only interesting from an environmental perspective but also has significant economic and social implications. The introduction of energy-efficient technologies and solutions can lead to significant savings for companies and households. Increasing the efficiency of energy use can also help improve energy security by reducing dependence on energy imports and stabilizing energy prices.

The KLENEN Conference offers answers to such challenges, becoming increasingly important for professionals, communities, and companies. The event provides an opportunity to share the latest research findings, present innovative solutions, and build business and social connections in order to move forward together towards a sustainable future.

For eNET, participation in the conference was crucial, as the company plays a significant role in the digital transformation of the energy sector and energy efficiency solutions. Being present at the event provided us with the opportunity to acquire up-to-date knowledge about energy trends and technological innovations.

What was the KLENEN’24 XIX Conference and Exhibition like?

The “Climate Change – Energy Awareness – Energy Efficiency” KLENEN’24 conference took place in Eger on March 6-7, 2024. The event, which has been held for 25 years, aimed to emphasize the importance of efficient energy management, energy savings, and environmental protection. This year’s conference saw a record number of participants, with more than 340 people attending. Professionals in energy management from various parts of the country shared their experiences through plenary and sectional presentations, and there was also an opportunity for informal discussions during breaks.

„Let’s share our experiences and work together to preserve the balance of nature” – was the motto of the 2024 KLENEN Conference.

On the first day, after the opening speech, we received information from a representative of the Ministry of Energy about the regulatory results of 2023 and the current legislative tasks, directives, reinforcement of energy efficiency policies, and redesign goals. After presenting the policy goals, we saw a demonstration on the application of artificial intelligence in energy during an English-language presentation. The parallel section presentations provided information on the Energy Efficiency Obligation System (EEOS), and participants shared their opinions on the system’s operation and presented already completed EEOS audits/projects. In the afternoon, presentations covered efficient energy production-storage methods and the utilization of renewable energy sources, including biogas as an alternative energy, the current state and prospects of electricity storage, and ways to utilize solar and geothermal energy. After the professional presentations, pre-registered participants had the chance to view the mechanical system of the Eger&Park Hotel in a “walk through audit”.

The second day of the conference offered a particularly rich program, with three parallel sections covering topics from energy policy to stock market and commercial issues, and energy efficiency. The sessions focused on the potential for renewable energy utilization, the development of energy communities, and a wide spectrum of energy innovations. The commercial and stock market section discussed the current issues of electricity, natural gas, and carbon trading, with special attention to the role of the EEOS in promoting energy efficiency. The section on technological innovations and alternative drives discussed the future possibilities of green mobility, highlighting the challenges and opportunities of integrating electric vehicles into fleets. The closing day of the conference included presentations by talented young individuals who shared the latest results and research in energy innovation, proving that the next generation is ready to meet the challenges of sustainable energy transformation.

The wide range of knowledge provided by the presentations and interactive sections, along with exhibitions and networking opportunities, contribute to the professional development of participants, expansion of business contacts, and open new perspectives in energy efficiency, the utilization of renewable energy sources, and innovative energy solutions. Thus, the KLENEN Conference is not just a platform for sharing information but also a catalyst for collective thinking and moving towards sustainable development.

We will be there next year too!