ChatGPT as Google’s new challenger?

We need to point it out that this content was not created using ChatGPT, and we have not yet conducted any interviews using the program – although it would be a bit difficult to verify if all of this was true!’

20. 02. 2023.

Digitalization achievements had been already our main topics on, for example when we discussed how air transport can be modernized with the latest technologies. Our brand new series of articles focuses on the intertwining of digitalization and artificial intelligence (AI), with a particular focus on the impact of AI in different sectors, highlighting EU efforts and including some areas of public administration as well.

As a start let’s explore one of the hottest topics of today, ChatGPT, which caused quite a big, noisy situation at the end of 2022. The software, which Microsoft has already integrated into the Edge browser via the Bing search engine, has stirred up the artificial intelligence (AI) landscape. After a really simple registration, you can start chatting easily – it’s a quite unique experience for any user who tries out the chatbot. The program currently allows interaction on any topic or problem in more than 50 languages including Hungarian. Whatever it is, everyday dilemmas or professional questions, you can ask for solutions.

We need to point it out that this content was not created using ChatGPT, and we have not yet conducted any interviews using the program – although it would be a bit difficult to verify if all of this was true (the author of the article is smirking right now)!


Why is OpenAI so popular so fast?


The US-based artificial intelligence company OpenAI has launched its software development ChatGPT at a rapid pace. There are many questions and concerns regarding the software, which provides extremely fast, coherent and intelligent ‘human’ responses. But is the substitutability of human resources at the heart of the fear again?


Another OpenAI development is DALL-E 2, which can create realistic, authentic images using deep learning. In both cases, it is worth pointing out that the result, neither the response to the question asked, nor the graphics produced, is indistinguishable from a real human response or an artistic image.


Skipping it, being left behind?


To put it in a nutshell, the answer is: yes. Since the achievements of artificial intelligence can be effectively applied in many fields, including, but not limited to consulting, finance, development (coding), copywriting, journalism and legal fields − it can be stated that all of those who do not keep up with technological innovations, may be at disadvantage. However, it is important to note that human labour cannot be substituted using this software either, because the authenticity and accuracy of the information received must always be checked. But there is no doubt, that their use can drastically increase the user’s productivity.


Who will be better – a new line-up for search engines?

It is worth to pay attention to the stock market mood and analysis, also especially be aware of Alphabet, what reactions it has provoked from the management and why it has become a ‘red code’ for the company. In addition, Microsoft’s reaction, and its investment in Open AI, as well as its partial integration into Bing could produce interesting results. Wondering it maybe challenge Google’s dominance? Google’s search engine is infinitely optimised and works very well, while ChatGPT has shortcomings and often gives inaccurate answers. This allows Google to introduce a more scalable version of its own Bard – LaMDA in a more conservative way. From an investment point of view, it is also worth paying attention to the changes either regarding large Alphabet vs. Microsoft volumes, or the assumed hype due to the revaluation of smaller companies for AI solutions.

One very relevant question: does the author of this article use the program? – during his daily work, of course! Just consider a new example of development or a project use case, which involves a huge amount of research and gathering information.


ChatGPT can provide a new idea and perspective, complement the original idea, or, with its co-development, can provide well-parameterized illustrations of the product and spectacular elements. As a result, it could speeds up the work significantly, even adding new skills, ensuring more efficient work.


The article’s author is Benjamin Holló, senior consultant and digitalisation expert at eNET