Balázs Scheidler is the winner of the HTE Fekete László Award

The internationally recognized innovation is used by NASA as well

18. 11. 2022.

Infokom 2022 was organised by the Scientific Association for Telecommunications and Information Technology (HTE: Hírközlési és Informatikai Tudományos Egyesület) last week in Kecskemét, where the HTE Laszló Fekete Prize was awarded for the third time to the most outstanding innovator. After several rounds of judging, only one winner could receive the impressive professional award and the HUF 1 000 000 prize.


Out of the record number of applications, IT specialist Balázs Scheidler proved to be the best To be honest, it is difficult to describe Balázs’s diverse work and current activities in one word. The award was created with cooperation of eNET in 2020, and it has been proudly and actively supported by the Budapest-based consulting firm since its inception.


Challenge and creation, or “The person behind the innovation”


The central message of the award is “The person behind the innovation”. The HTE Award is always given to someone whose personality and ambition fits in well with the image that the organizers have created in memory and honour of László Fekete.


“The focus of the evaluation criteria is not on the object, but on the subject of the innovation, the human being, the innovator,” said István Maradi, head of the jury. “Balázs Scheidler has already brought many advancements to the profession, achieving such great results. It was also a unique occassion for us, the evaluators, to talk to him and experience his forward-thinking approach to technical innovations,” said Maradi.


The HTE award preserves the memory of László Fekete for the newer generations, and the list of winners now includes three talents. This year, Gergő Nagy (EvoAid) and Gábor Soós (Hungarian Telekom) were followed by Balázs Scheidler. “The HTE Award is the most personal acknowledgement, as there is a human story behind it. Unfortunately, we never had the opportunity to meet László Fekete in person, but I hope that I can live up to the idea with my work,” said Balázs on receiving the prize.


Balázs’s work, with which he won the evaluation committee, is related to helping the internationally recognized syslog-ng, created in 1998, which also laid the foundations of the Balabit success story: the cyber security hotshot, that started out of a college-room in Veszprém, was acquired by the American cyber security giant 5 years ago , the One Identity. Among others, Airbus, Amazon Kindle and the US space agency work with the software. Nowadays, Scheidler works as a project consultant, startup investor and mentor, who is now holding the title of “Innovator of the Year” too.


Balázs not only proved himself professionally, but he also made an outstanding human gesture: “I would like to thank you for the noble gesture you made in connection with the offer of the monetary reward. The prize is a tribute to your professionalism, but your donation showed your modesty and humanity. In HTE, as a professional association, these two “spirits” are what have kept our community together for over 70 years.”, said Gergely Kis Ph.D., Vice-President of the Scientific Association for Telecommunications and Information Technology and Partner of eNET.


We would like to congratulate Balázs for the professional accolade!


The author of the article is Dorka Vass

The source of the images are: Digital Hungary, LinkedIn