At the gateway to the digital future: Internet Hungary Conference – details and account of experience

06. 10. 2023.

In the age of explosive development in information technology and the opportunities created by the internet, the Internet Hungary Conference remains the hub of innovation and development in the online space year by year. The event showcases solutions that shape the digital future, thereby transforming society and business life. We were there again this year, so come along with us in our short article and experience the conference for yourself!

Internet Hungary gathers leading experts and enthusiasts of the digital world year after year, offering exceptional opportunities to learn about the latest online professional trends and exchange experiences, even for the 24th time this year.

On the morning of October 3rd, the conference’s main organizer, Ákos Csermely, kicked off the series of programs with the lecture titled “Let’s Enter the Artificial World We Created Ourselves!”, setting the tone for the two-day event. The professional presentations began, and everyone chose from numerous topic areas based on their interests. The Competitive Market lecture hall focused on significant economic topics, such as the models of a free economy, their advantages, and disadvantages. We heard a lot about the future, challenges, sustainability, global issues, and competitive market dilemmas. The Artificial Intelligence room attracted a lot of interest due to the topicality of the subject. Human-robot or robot-human? Which is easier to achieve? How does AI decision-making affect cognitive processes? Inspiring presentations guided us into the world of informatics. We also learned where artificial intelligence developments are heading in the defence sector and how technology enhances the future soldiers’ capabilities, as well as the innovations unfolding in the defence industry. It’s important to mention that with the proliferation of internet usage, digital security and data protection are becoming increasingly important. The Internet Hungary Conference places a strong emphasis on these issues, welcoming participants with experts and professional forums to help understand and effectively address these challenges. There were also plenty of interesting aspects for marketing professionals at the event. Economic impacts, crisis marketing, slow marketing, evolution of consumer baskets, adaptive marketing – everyone could choose from the exciting presentations and inspiring speakers.

We were there too!

One of our founding partners, Dr. Gergely Kis, was among the speakers at the event. We got to know his thoughts in the forum discussion titled “Rethinking Capitalism: Growth or Degrowth?”. They delved into the topic of growth to start the discussion. Is there growth, is growth good, is growth necessary, is it possible to have degrowth? Is growth exponential? How can it be measured? After the expert opinions, an important topic was the inequality among social strata and sustainability issues. The discourse on artificial intelligence was very exciting, discussing whether AI can replace human labor in the future. According to Gergely, AI is already an important part of our lives today, even if we don’t see it or realize to what extent. Finally, the forum discussion concluded with opinions about the future of capitalism.

Our partner company, Reacty Digital, was also represented at the event. Dorottya Vass, Péter Szeles, and Bálint Kapcsos delivered interesting presentations based on statistical data and research. We learned, for example, that half of the consumers behave rationally in the current crisis situation, thoroughly research before making purchases, and try to save. Dorottya also mentioned that over a third of the population has become an anxious consumer – or already was – and pays much more attention to their purchasing habits, experiencing inflation much more negatively than others. Furthermore, there are few carefree spenders, whose proportion decreased from 23% in July 2022 to 14% by July 2023.

We’ll be back next year!

The 24th Internet Hungary Conference, held this year, was once again an extremely informative and inspiring event, providing participants with insights into the promising developments and challenges of the digital future. The conference offered opportunities for building professional relationships and getting acquainted with new technological trends. We believe that the thoughts expressed and experiences shared will give new impetus to exploring the digital realm.

Let’s join the online pioneers and meet again next year in Siófok, in the citadel of innovation!

Author of the article: Emese Szatmári