A journey of a young talent towards success

23. 08. 2023.

From intern to full-time employee: Vivien Kustra started in the eNET Internship program and is now a full-time consultant at the company. Get to know her story!

A career isn’t always a straight path; it’s a continuous adventure filled with learning, growth, and challenges. In this interview, we meet a young consultant professional, Vivien Kustra, a colleague at eNET in the mid-level position. Her example highlights how determination and curiosity are key factors in building a career and embarking on a journey of development. This interview can be enlightening for those who, alongside their higher education studies, are contemplating internships as a means of personal growth. Let Vivien’s journey serve as an inspiring example for the talents of the future!

Could you share a few thoughts about yourself? For instance, where did you study?

I come from a small town near Pécs called Szentlőrinc, but I spent my high school years in Pécs. I realized quite early that I envision my future in Budapest, so I moved to the capital five years ago, where I started my university studies at Eötvös Loránd University’s Faculty of Science. I graduated as a geographer with a specialization in Regional and Urban Development. I also chose this field for my master’s studies because the holistic perspective I gained here can be very beneficial both in my everyday life and in my work. In my free time, I try to spend as much time as possible with my family and friends, and I also enjoy doing sports.

How did you begin to familiarize yourself with the world of work?

Before eNET, I worked as an IT coordinator intern at a local bank, but I was of the opinion that I wanted to try myself in various work environments. It was important for me to see how an international corporation operates, but I was also interested in experiencing a local SME. That’s why I switched almost two years ago.

How did you get to know about eNET and end up here?

A friend of mine worked here as an intern at that time, and she told me about the company. It left a very positive impression on me; the atmosphere was appealing. So, after the job interview, I was already certain that I wanted to continue my career here.

What were your first impressions?

I eagerly awaited my first day because, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I was mostly in home office at my previous job. I missed the office environment a lot because it motivates me, and I enjoy being around people. During my first days, I quickly connected with my colleagues; everyone was very open and helpful. The fellow interns and junior colleagues at the time also assisted greatly with integration, and company events allowed me to get to know colleagues from other departments.

Why do you think being an eNET intern is a good choice?

I have very positive experiences from my time as an intern at the company. A crucial aspect for those choosing internships is that the chosen company should handle working hours flexibly, and eNET was a perfect choice in this regard. I was able to fulfill the required 20 hours per week very flexibly. There was also a practical reason: the office was extremely close to the Lágymányosi Campus.

When I started working at eNET, having an experienced colleague, a mentor, by my side was a huge help. They supported me throughout my internship, aided my integration, and provided professional advice that forms the basis of my current expertise. The biannual evaluations were also very useful. They provided feedback on my work, helping me identify my strengths and areas for improvement. Working on diverse projects helped me decide on the direction I’d be interested in pursuing further.

When I decided last December that I wanted to work full-time at eNET, the management was very open to it. I believe it was the best decision to become an employee; I feel much more responsible now!

Why eNET? What have you learned here?

I gained real work experience in an authentic work environment that aligned with my studies. During my internship, I was assigned to diverse tasks, giving me the opportunity to work on numerous projects, which naturally presented new challenges.

As an intern, I learned how to work in a team, improving my teamwork skills and understanding the power of effective communication. However, I also had ample space to develop individually. The more time I spent at eNET, the more complex and responsible tasks I received. I was gradually challenged, and this helped me grow.

Furthermore, I had the opportunity to learn new skills, both through internally provided training sessions and by enhancing my existing abilities. Various internal training sessions (online and offline) are available within the company, contributing to both my professional and personal development.

In which field did you start at eNET, how did you progress, and what are you currently involved in?

During my internship, I got acquainted with consultancy work. In the past year and a half, I worked on the implementation of an operational program, and from January onwards, I support the senior project manager as a junior project manager. During this time, I participated in project management tasks such as budget and resource planning, validation and quality assurance of deliverables, and I was responsible for communication between team members and stakeholders. I also handled administrative tasks for the project.

Which topics and areas interest you?

I couldn’t narrow down the topics I’d like to focus on specifically. I believe there are main directions I’m interested in, such as digitization and sustainable development, but I’m also open to other areas. I want to learn from senior colleagues, gain more experience, and I plan to participate in various project management training sessions.

How do you see the future?

Regarding the future, I’m eagerly and motivatedly awaiting the next challenges! In the near and distant future, I want to continue my professional development at the company and apply what I’ve learned in real projects. I’d like to participate in projects that build not only my expertise but also have a positive societal impact.

What advice do you have for future eNET interns?

For those considering the internship program, I definitely recommend diving in! I believe internships provide the proper professional foundation and offer new opportunities and challenges.

Interested in the eNET Internship Program? You can find details here: https://enet.hu/gyakornoki-poziciok/

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