5G technology: benefits and application possibilities

17. 06. 2024.

The continuous advancement of information technology opens new perspectives for companies to increase the efficiency of business processes and improve their competitiveness. One of the most exciting developments in this field is the rise of 5G technology, which can bring revolutionary changes to the business world. 5G not only means an increase in speed and connection stability but also offers numerous new application possibilities for companies.

5G technology has features such as low latency, high bandwidth, and greater network capacity, which ensure the implementation of innovative solutions that can positively impact corporate activities.

What are the benefits of 5G technology for internal business processes?

Data analysis and business intelligence (BI): It provides greater network capacity for faster and more efficient data transmission. This allows companies to process customer data faster and more accurately, offering real-time business intelligence solutions that help customers respond more quickly and efficiently to market changes.

Improved customer experience: It can enhance customer experience by enabling faster downloads and streaming of interactive and multimedia content, allowing companies to better connect with their customers and provide superior service.

Remote work and virtual consultations: Fast and reliable internet connection creates conditions for remote work, enabling SMEs to adapt to the ever-changing workplace demands and expectations while reducing travel and office costs. High-quality video conferences and collaboration platforms allow employees to connect anytime, anywhere, and work efficiently with their clients.

The implementation of the technology not only improves internal processes and efficiency of companies but also creates new business opportunities in the markets.

What are the application possibilities of 5G technology?

Thanks to low latency, 5G networks enable real-time data transmission and response, which is essential in industrial automation and remote-controlled vehicles. This allows companies to achieve greater flexibility and efficiency in production processes and infrastructure monitoring.

The application of 5G technology has positive effects in logistics and supply chain management. By collecting and analyzing real-time data, companies can track goods transportation and supply chain efficiency more accurately.

The use of augmented reality and virtual reality is also creating new scope for companies, for example for training, product design or sales presentations.

The technology also opens new horizons in smart cities and IoT (Internet of Things). With low latency and high network capacity, 5G networks positively impact device-to-device connections, useful in traffic management, improving energy efficiency, or optimizing community services.

Its application in healthcare can improve medical care and the development of healthcare services. This makes medical consultations and diagnostic tests more accessible for doctors and patients, and it enables faster and more secure sharing of healthcare data.

The technology offers alternatives in security and surveillance systems, such as using high-resolution video surveillance systems and smart security devices, allowing companies to better monitor and protect their facilities and assets.

The wide range of corporate applications demonstrates how versatile and comprehensive the opportunities offered by this advanced network technology are. Companies should recognize these opportunities and leverage the benefits to improve their competitiveness.

eNET and 5G

eNET Hungary Ltd. provides consulting services in several areas where the application of 5G technology further enhances the competitiveness of companies in various industries. These areas include, for example, the digitalization of education, the digitalization of transportation, or critical infrastructures, where fast response times and real-time data transmission can be crucial for safety and efficiency.

5G holds significant potential in drone technology, automation, and robotics (RPA), on which the company’s experts offer further consulting to small and medium-sized enterprises.