DMH 2022

Metaverse, VR, target group definitions and measurement strategies, the world of love brands, research and podcasts, e-sports and much more at the @Digital Media Hungary 2022 conference.

20. 05. 2022.


It’s Adventure Time! Dynamic years are coming! – everything happenned in the spirit of this motto at the Digital Media Hungary conference, where after three years of forced rest, better and better professional performances took place for two days again in the middle of May on the shores of Lake Balaton. eNET colleagues were also present at a series of conference presentations on several interesting topics – both as an audience and on the lecturer side. A number of great presentations were followed by Tünde Hack-Handa, our senior researcher colleague specializing in digitalization topics, whose performance, titled “What is a consumer over 40 worth?”, spiced up the event.


Roundtables, debates, and presentations took place in four main lecture halls, grouped around four main topics:

  1. Have fun together with the content consumer!
  2. Business of New Media Hungary (Business interests of the four media bastions – content production, distribution, advertiser, and content consumer)
  3. The road to the metaverse is already paved with business opportunities (Web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, Blockchain, NFT, Metaverse)
  4. Marketing metrology. We collect data, measure it, look for correlations. (Dreamed common denominator of units of measure)


Consumers, target groups, persons


In the Red Room of the DMH Conference, the speakers presented extremely interesting topics on Tuesday: the focus was on target group definition and consumers. The experts also made excellent, informative presentations about research, measurement strategies and specific results. In addition, great emphasis has been placed on the role and responsibilities of marketing on the market.


We have learned that due to generational differences, the separation of different age groups in research is also essential from a marketing and measurement point of view, as this allows strategies to be developed and optimized for each age group to reach people from different generations in the most efficient way. For example, Beáta Híves (Next9) revealed who and how they try to reach the age group of 18-30, and why it is crucial to understand this age group.


Tünde Hack-Handa – What is a consumer over 40 worth?


From the presentation of our senior researcher colleague, we learned that the rate of internet use among those over 40 is gradually increasing year by year, similar to the younger generations. It also turned out that people above the age of 40 have the highest income in Hungary.


According to eNET’s own research, the most common Internet activities are searching/browsing for information, sending messages over the Internet, viewing the weather forecast, using social media, reading news and other Internet content, as well as watching videos. Comparing the proportions of other younger age groups and generations in terms of their Internet activities, we concluded that citizens over 40, are active online shoppers, social media users and doing their public administration related responsibilities online. In summary, we were able to extrapolate that Hungarians over 40 are present in very high numbers on the Internet, can be educated, have an income to spend, make extensive use of the opportunities offered by the online space, and are thus can be easily targeted.


The Metaverse and others


The Metaverse, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies received serious attention at the 2022 DMH Conference. The role of the blockchain in social and traditional media was a key aspect highlighted by speakers. The presenting experts emphasized that the advent of blockchain technology will protect the interests of creative people as well as users, as transactions can be easily traced and validated when paying royalties.


Dénes Éless, Marketing and Digital Director of Budapest Honvéd, spoke about marketing in the Metaverse and virtual realities. During the presentation, it was stated that even the biggest fashion brands (eg Polo Ralph Lauren, Vans) and football teams (eg FC Barcelona) are happy to try out the innovations offered by the online space in order to promote their organization / company as well as their values ​​as widely as possible. Interestingly, several football clubs such as Manchester City (England) or Santos (Brazil) have also issued blockchain-based so-called “Fan Tokens” that supporters can buy to sponsor their team.


Of course, in addition to the positive aspects, several speakers emphasized that the Metaverse, the Blockchain technology and the virtual payment instruments still need to undergo serious development in order to become part of our everyday lives. One element of this is comprehensive regulation, and the other is to gain the support of central, monetary institutions, as Libra, Facebook’s former virtual currency, has not become a success story precisely because of the central bank system.


Great emphasis was put on streaming providers and YouTube as well as social media platforms on the two-day conference. Furthermore, the right advertisement placement is also an important strategic point for the right marketing strategy, as the best advertising is “between the lines”. Szilárd Bakcsy (RTL Hungary) spoke about the effective use of advertising and its importance. It should also be borne in mind that success depends not only on the good placement of advertisement, but also on its quality. Both on TV and on web platforms, an increasing percentage of content is advertised, making it inevitable that bad ads will appear. Tibor Péter Juhász and Ákos Moldván (Vodafone) discussed this topic in detail.