Decision support quickly, efficiently, and economically. Our leading experts in the profession (mathematicians, analysts, economists, statisticians, geoinformatics specialists, and developers) work with the most modern data mining methods.



Workable, truly usable solutions = value creation. We provide a unique strategy and solution in a unique way. The establishment, planning and management of projects with a total value of tens of billions is an integral part of our existence and daily activities.



A meeting of classical and modern technologies and methodologies. Our industry-leading researchers have been working in line with, and beyond, market research standards for more than 20 years.



Our expert tender management team is characterized by extensive and specific knowledge of the industry and resource support system. Up-to-date information, fast and complex, customer-specific solutions.



We have been actively working in this field for more than 20 years. Our research and analysis materials and consulting services create value for both telecommunications service providers and for key players of the regulatory side.



Egyedülálló módon nyújtunk stratégiát és megoldást.


We provide strategy and solutions in a unique way.

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Tender management

Preparation of tenders and administrative project management.

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Data mining

We show the potential of data.

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Research and analysis

A meeting of classical and modern technologies and methodologies.

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„Project management is a lifelong learning process that requires a curious, open and versatile personality”

01. 12. 2022.

The project manager position offers many challenges, opportunities and an outstanding professional development: humility, perseverance and experience might be the key to success. Roland is ambitious to refine his leadership skills day by day, with a sincere and committed belief

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Balázs Scheidler is the winner of the HTE Fekete László Award

18. 11. 2022.

Infokom 2022 was organised by the Scientific Association for Telecommunications and Information Technology (HTE: Hírközlési és Informatikai Tudományos Egyesület) last week in Kecskemét, where the HTE Laszló Fekete Prize was awarded for the third time to the most outstanding innovator.

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IV. Drone Summit and Expo

16. 11. 2022.

The Drone Summit and Expo, one of the Hungarian drone industry’s most prominent events, was held for the fourth time in Budapest this autumn, organised by HungaroControl. The host country of this year’s event was Sweden, so one of the

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About us

years of experience
Hungarian ownership
1 000+
completed projects
1 000 000+
working hours

We are a data-driven consultancy-based group of companies that provides analytics and solutions showing the way for its clients in the word of digital economy.


Our information technological projects provide support from fundraising to the end of the implementation phase for our clients that are working in the field of competitive sector, central administration, and local government in Hungary and abroad.


The activities of our group include data mining in numerous areas of the economy, analysis and consultancy, research and development, market research and software technology development, business planning and project and tender management.


About us>


The life cycle of ideas and services developed by eNET continue through the activities of our partner companies, achieving outstanding successes. The energy referral service, the power plant scheduling of renewable energy production, or even data mining in the energy and public utilities are specific areas that are of particular interest to us. Our company group members include IndustryDat, NRG Analytics and Development and NRG Forecast.

NRG Analytics and Development

Supporting the Hungarian and EU energy efficiency targets, it aims to help energy-efficient operations and legal compliance of various companies. It provides professional and administrative support for corporate energy efficiency projects, primarily providing energy audits and specialist referral services.


NRG Forecast

Renewable energy scheduler: takes part in the carefree operation of solar and wind power plants. Many years of data mining experience, the application of state-of-the-art data analysis techniques and models in power plant scheduling. Assistance in administrative tasks.



The youngest eNET partner company, IndustryDat Research and Consulting Ltd., deals with the provision of energy and utility data mining consulting services.

Contact us

eNET Internet Research and Consulting Ltd.

(+36 1) 373-0779
Ipar street 5., H-1095 Budapest, Hungary